Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jet Set Friday: St. Gallen and Santis

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope that you survived the week and have some awesome plans for the weekend! I will be spending my weekend packing up our apartment and spending some quality time with my boyfriend before he starts his new job!

Its official: we are moving to Basel in the next week! While it has been wonderful living here in St. Gallen (near Appenzellerland and near the Austrian border), it will be nice to live on the borders of France and Germany!

Moving to Switzerland has been one of the most exciting adventures of my life. I moved here in September of 2011 to live with my boyfriend and to study at the University of Bern. I came to Switzerland with almost no knowledge of German. While I consider myself to be a very adventurous person, I found that it was a little difficult adjusting to life as an expatriate in a foreign country when I could not speak the language. I have come a long way since September, and while I am by no means fluent in German, I can happily ask for directions or help, and I can understand the conversations that my boyfriend's family (who are all Swiss) have during family gatherings.

One of the things that I love most about living in Switzerland is the rich culture of the Swiss people. From the food to the history, and even the different customs (like having all stores, including the grocery, closed on Sunday), life in Switzerland is very different than in the United States.

More of my favorite features of Switzerland include the sheer diversity in the languages spoken and the proximity of the country to some of Europe's finest destination spots. Switzerland boasts of having four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansch and the country shares its borders with France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.

With hot spot cities like Paris, Milan, Rome, Barcelona and Amsterdam only a few hours by plane or train away from Switzerland, this country is a perfect place to live for someone who loves to travel (like me!).

In honor of our upcoming move, I thought that I would share some pictures with you from and near St. Gallen, Switzerland. The first three pictures were taken in the city of St. Gallen. The last four pictures were taken on top of the Santis Mountain, about 30 minutes by train and bus from St. Gallen.

These are old traditional buildings in St. Gallen.
This is the clock and bell tower for the old Cloister in St. Gallen.
An old church bell tower in St. Gallen.
View from the top of the Santis Mountain.
Look at all of those mountains!
St. Gallen is covered in fog.
It is so bright and sunny on top of the mountain! Absolutely gorgeous!

Thanks for visiting! Keep a look out for some great new posts in the next few days!

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