Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crafty Saturday (on Sunday): Crimp Bead Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

I hope that your weekend has been great! I meant to post this tutorial last night, but Danny and I spend the entire day in St. Gallen cleaning our old apartment before we hand over the keys. It was a long day, and I'm pretty sure I inhaled way too much of the cleaning products, but the old apartment is sparkling clean!

Today I am posting this very simple crimp bead tutorial. Crimp beads are used to fasten and secure beading wire, thread, or other stringing material. This allows the beads to stay securely on the wire while you string them in place; once your are done with your piece of jewelry, the crimp bead secures the open end to finish the piece.

Here's what you need:

Beading Wire, Jumpring, Clasp, Crimp Bead, Pliers (especially a Crimp Plier, like the one in blue)

Here's what you do:

String the crimp bead on, then the jumpring. Next, feed the wire back through the crimp bead so that it forms a loop around the jumpring.

Crimp the bead, being careful to make sure that each piece of the wire is on separate sides of the bead....

.... like this.

Using the crimp pliers again, close the crimp bead by folding it in half.

Ta da!

Open the jumpring to put the clasp on it.

Add the toggle clasp....

then close the clasp and you're done!
 I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial! Keep a lookout for some great posts this week! (I'll be featuring a chocolate mousse recipe on Tuesday! yummmmmmm!)

Thanks for visiting!!

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