Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Personal Update: Basel

We have finally moved to Basel!

It took over 8 hours (between loading and unloading the car, and driving from St. Gallen to Basel twice) to move into our new apartment yesterday, but we are finally getting settled in. Basel is a wonderful city! It is right next to the French and German borders, and it boasts a long and fascinating history. I will explore the city this week and take some pictures to share with you!

We had no internet until this afternoon, so I was unable to post my usual Monday jewelry post yesterday. And since I only just unpacked my kitchen a few hours ago, I don't have a recipe to share with you today. I will do a double post tomorrow to make up for missing these two days.

I wanted to end this quick update with a picture that I took while in the car with Danny on our way to St. Gallen yesterday. This mountain is the Santis, which I featured here. I love how the mountain looks in the early morning. I especially love the person and dog taking a stroll in the early morning in the shadow of this mountain in this photo. It is scenery like this that gives me a gentle reminder every day that this world is beautiful and precious.

I took this picture on my iPhone while driving to St. Gallen.

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