Sunday, May 20, 2012

Arts & Crafts: Bezel Lesson Part 1

I have been taking a metalsmithing and jewelry class for the past month, and I have been learning a lot of techniques, including metal manipulation, soldering, and most recently how to make a bezel setting.

A bezel setting is simply a rim of metal which encapsulates a stone or gem to provide a protective setting. It is possibly the earliest known form of gem setting in the history of jewelry-making.

I decided I would use a millefiori focal piece to make a pendant. Originally I had planned on making this piece into a bezel ring, however the millefiori piece is slightly too big to make an attractive ring. I also decided to use brass instead of sterling silver because I think that the brass compliments the yellow flowers in my millefiori focal piece.

Here are some pictures from the first part of my bezel setting lesson:

I cut a piece of metal (using the measurements of my millefiori piece) and then ran it through a press to flatten it a bit.
After rolling and hammering the metal strip, I placed it into a special clamp to file the ends flat.

I bent the metal into an oval shape in order to make the ends meet perfectly.
Then I soldered the ends together.

Once the ring was soldered, I hammered the piece into a perfect circle.


Next I had to measure and cut the backing of the bezel setting.

I used a saw to cut out my circle backing.

Here I began to file down the edges.

Check back next weekend for the second half of this Bezel Lesson!

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  1. Great tutorial, see you on Friday, I have some larger stones to set too, I will bring them in.

  2. Thanks! See you in a couple of days! I'll try to bring some more things to set. Do you know of any place where I can buy loose stones here in Basel? (Nothing special, just practice stones).