Friday, May 4, 2012

Venture and Roam Update: Etsy

Hi Everyone!

I have been busy making new jewelry and taking new photos of my jewelry for Etsy! I had my first sale yesterday (yay!!!), and I'm looking forward to putting up a whole bunch of jewelry on Etsy this weekend!  (I have about 25 pieces of jewelry that still need to go up on Etsy, yikes!)

Keep a lookout for a fun giveaway contest that I will be hosting in the next couple weeks! 

This week's Jet Set post will feature some great pictures from Grindelwald and its surrounding area. I plan to mostly focus on one of my favorite spots that we visited: the Aareschluct Gorge. I'm very excited about sharing these photos with you!

Here's some jewelry that I will be putting in my Etsy shop soon!


  1. You are pretty amazing!! You get to travel all over the world and you have that talent for making eye-catching bobbles!! You rock!!!

  2. thanks! i'm glad you think so! :)