Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Words to Live By: Buddha and A Thousand Words

This weekend Danny and I watched a new Eddie Murphy movie which came out this spring called "A Thousand Words". The premise of the movie consists of Eddie Murphy's character, a notorious liar, who magically becomes linked to a Bodhi tree. Each word that Murphy's character speaks or writes causes one leaf falling from the tree; when all of the leaves have fallen off of the tree, Murphy's character will die.

The movie explores the themes of introspection, forgiveness, and the power of words. The movie reminded me of a great quote by Buddha, which says that one word of peace can be more powerful than a thousand hollow words. I think both the quote from Buddha and Eddie Murphy's movie inspired me to think more carefully about what words I choose to speak and how I speak to people.

If you only had 1,000 words left to speak, what would you say?

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