Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Words to Live By: Lao Tzu and Love

Last week was such a great week for my family: my aunt and my sister were both proposed to by their long-time boyfriends! I am so excited and so happy for both of them! I look forward to their weddings and I wish them both life long happiness with their fiances.

These two engagements reminded me of a wonderful quote by the ancient philosopher Lao Tzu, also known as Laozi, who wrote the Tao Te Ching and founded the philosophy of Taoism (pronounced "Daoism"). Lao Tzu wrote about many things in life, but I love this quote about love.

Thanks for reading my blog! I hope that you've enjoyed this quote and that it gives you inspiration for the week ahead!

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  1. thanks sweetie, that is a lovely sentiment....