Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Whole 30: The First Week

I almost survived my first week of the Whole30 program with no incident. Days 1 to 6 were relatively easy for me, and it encouraged me to cook a homemade meal every evening (something I'm sure Husband was very pleased about). I ate tons of scrambled eggs and homemade Larabars for breakfast every day. My dinners were made of lean meats, salmon, and lots of veggies: simple but delicious. I ate leftovers for lunch, and supplemented it with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

I only had one or two cravings for sweets (I nearly drooled all over the floor during a visit to the mall when a lady passed by eating a double scoop of mint chocolate chip on a cone), and I had a few cravings for pasta. In all honesty, I felt lighter and less stressed, but I felt a bit more fatigued. 

All in all, it was a pretty successful week...

Until I had to take a standard glucose test for my pregnancy on Saturday morning. This test involved drinking a bottle of sugar syrup that tasted strangely like flat Fanta Orange, and having my blood drawn on three separate occasions over the course of three hours. The sugary drink totally brought back my "Sugar Dragon" cravings, and totally ruined the hard work that I had done throughout the whole week. I felt pretty terrible after the test, my belly ached (could also be from the fear of having my blood drawn three times!), and I didn't make the best dietary choices for the rest of the day.

Womp, womp. 

So I'm "restarting" my 30 days, with no sugary syrupy drinks in my future to derail me from making healthy eating choices! I think this will also be a great opportunity to document what I've been eating all week on my blog. 

Here's to another smooth-ish week of healthy eating! ;) 

Life is short, share in the adventure!

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  1. I'm had to hear that you had a good first week though...stinks that you got derailed, but I hope the test results were good so that you don't have to do that again. Good luck on the restart!